We are delighted to work in several nice places in Southeastern Brazil. It is our privilege to "work" on such beautiful and pleasant sites. Our main research site is conducted at Serra do Cipó. We also study plant ecology at the Estação Ecológica de Pirapitinga, Serra do Rola-Moça, Serra do Cabral, granitic inselbergs, Parque Estadual do Rio Doce and wherever nice plants are.


Silvana and Laura measuring functional traits of melastomes at Serra do Cipó


Rafinha looking for Stenodon at Chapada dos Veadeiros



Jean sampling Bauhinia brevipes at the Estação Ecológica de Pirapitinga.


Sampling something at the Estação Ecológica de Pirapitinga.

Luiza and Luisa at the granitic inselbergs of Teófilo Otoni



Pedro, Elisa, João and "Dalila" collecting seeds at Serra do Cipó

The amazing campos rupestres of Lapinha da Serra.


Seed people at the 64 Brazilian Botanical Conference

Quick stop for lunch time during our field trip to Serra do Cipó after the 64 Brazilian Botanical Conference. It was a great honor to share a few days with all of you.


People from LEEPT having lunch with the Baskins on their last day in Brazil. We miss you both...

Luiza, her father and Stefan Porembski sampling inselbergs at Teófilo Otoni


Stefan visiting the ironstone outcrops near Belo Horizonte. Dr. Cláudia Jacobi and Dr. Flávio Carmo were our guides in this field trip.

Francesco de Bello visiting the ironstone outcrops near Belo Horizonte during Carnival (note a very annoying bee very close to my ear


A nice example of a lab meeting